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When you DIY your travel plans you miss out on all the perfect options that are available but not necessarily well known. We know all the details that can make a trip go from OK to WOW!

Travel planning can be stressful and time consuming.
Or it can be amazing.

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Can you name the most romantic place in the world for a marriage proposal? Did you say Paris? If so, you are in agreement with 99% of those in my unscientific poll! Paris is known as the city of love, and romance is definitely in the air! Just think of all those couples who have […]


March 2, 2017

We Love Paris!

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So here is our Top 10 unique places to travel… all more doable than you think with our help of course!   1. Bhutan – This mystical, Buddhist country is a fairytale destination, removed from the modern world. Stunningly beautiful, the few tourists who visit each year come for the cultural experience and some spectacular trekking […]

Top 10 Off the Beaten Path Destinations

June 1, 2015


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3 Tips for Traveling during the Holidays Don’t let the stress of holiday travel get your customers down. Give them these tips to help improve their travel experience. Happy holidays! 1. Charge your devices. You can expect crowds around the electrical outlets at the airport, and nothing is worse than having your phone or tablet […]


December 8, 2014

Holiday Travel Tips

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We are a full service travel agency specializing in celebratory trips all over the globe. Whether you want a honeymoon, destination wedding, river cruise or family vacation we got you covered@



Meet the travel advisors at The Travel Mechanic. Each advisor has a speciality. Read on to see who you want to work with! If you are not sure, contact us and we can put you in touch with the right person


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