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Hi I’m Lauren, President of The Travel Mechanic. I’m a former teacher turned travel advisor. When I joined The Travel Mechanic in 2012, I started our Honeymoon and Destination Wedding division and loved working with engaged couples. I personally loved my own honeymoon to Thailand which made me realize how important a honeymoon really is! 

As my  family has grown with two little ones in tow, I have learned tried and true lessons of traveling globally with these little explorers (who love earning passport stamps each year!) Each travel advisor on our team all have a specific passion to help match your travel dreams to the right destination. Over the years, our agency has evolved to not only helping clients travel confidently and successfully, but we have also helped other agents with their career in the travel industry.

Since I am a teacher at heart, I have grown a passion for helping others learn the ins and outs of this exciting and resilient profession. We have an 8 week training program that is curated for the modern travel agent- and if you think that's you, let’s chat!

Cheers to celebrating life's best moments, 

I’ll let her tell you the rest!

HI, I’m Jennie Mechanic, founder of The Travel Mechanic. The short story on how I got started is that I used my passion for travel and world discovery to help others travel the world by creating flawless and fun itineraries. 

You have a passion for travel as well ? Awesome!

The longer story is, I started in this industry over 25 years ago working for a travel agency in New York. I traveled to countless resorts, cruised many waters and experienced destinations all over the world. Gratefully, I was able to bring up my children with a love of travel and that was very fulfilling. Once I decided to retire, I relocated south and shortly after had too much time on my hands! I decided I couldn’t leave the travel industry yet and realized it was time to start my own travel business.

The Travel Mechanic was born!

My focus is helping baby-boomers travel all over the world for their bucket list trips. As The Travel Mechanic flourished in the south, younger clientele started requesting trips on Facebook in lingo I didn't even understand. I called my daughter Lauren for help interpreting and the lightbulb went off. She understood these clients.

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 Jennie + Lauren

"Travel has played such an important role in bringing happiness to our lives." 

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We both love our jobs and the life we have created!


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We put the joy into travel by providing a perfectly planned, stress-free experience, from beginning to end. We plan everything to make those happy moments extra special because we know that your quality time is what matters most in life.

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At first, we could not decide between a Thailand or Bali adventure, so Lauren prepared two itineraries for us to compare the experiences (and budgets) at each destination. After much thought we went with Bali. I let Lauren know some of the activities that I did not want to miss while we were there, and she was able to customize our trip while still staying within our budget. We traveled right before covid and Lauren and her on-site teams helped us so much with feeling safe. We splurged on some amazing private plunge pools, and seriously- WORTH IT. There was one hotel in Bali that wasn't what we expected, so I texted Lauren right away. She was so responsive and was able to help us get rebooked at another resort within hours - which turned out to be the most epic spot of our trip! This is never what you want to do when on your honeymoon, but we were so lucky to have Lauren just a text away! She helped us feel cared for at all times and made sure we were happy.  It was the Honeymoon of a lifetime and we will absolutely use her again in all our future trips.”
~Alison & Dan, San Diego, CA

Lauren was so helpful and flexible from day one!

"I was really nervous about traveling overseas with 3 children and she organized us all down to the detail so that we didn't have to worry about a thing when we arrived in bustling London after taking the red eye and no one had slept (ugh!). Our tour up to the Scottish Isle of Skye was a dream for all of us and our vacation is one of the best I've had in my lifetime (and I've traveled to 5 continents so that is really saying something!). Highly recommend, the Travel Mechanic will take care of you!!"

~Karen Campbell, North Carolina

She went above and beyond to listen to my concerns and wishes for our family vacation.

Lauren was able to coordinate all the details, payments, and documents for all of us. It helped me focus on other details. 

"Final Fiesta was a blast in mexico


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