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Yay! You’ve made the decision to become a travel agent – or perhaps you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of this exciting career choice. If you want to know HOW to become a travel agent, you've come to the right place.

The Travel Mechanic was founded by Jennie Mechanic who has been in the industry for over twenty-five years. In 2012, her daughter Lauren Doyle joined the team launching the destination wedding and honeymoon division. The mother daughter duo experienced immediate success and quickly grew their team. The Travel Mechanic is located in the Carolinas. The main office is in Apex, NC and is led by President, Lauren Doyle. The team they curated currently generates over two million dollars in revenue annually. Although the team has grown, the mission remains the same, to provide a personal touch for the special moments and milestones in one’s life.

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Although the team has grown, the mission remains the same, to provide a personal touch for the special moments and milestones in one’s life.

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You are eager to learn new things for your business and love to help others.

You want to be "in the know" with the best suppliers in the industry.

You are a newer agent (1-3 years experience) and you want to up-level your business!

You want to be a team player and CRAVE belonging to a fun and modern community!

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monthly team meetings, 1- on-1 coaching and co-working sessions


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How to put it all together; Efficiently


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You are ready to grow your team... and you want to expand with hiring IC's or sub agents!

This course will take you from solo burnout to  being a business owner boss babe!

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You have less than 3 years experience and want to gain your foundational knowledge on how to claim your space in the travel industry


You are a boutique host agency owner needing a course for your newly hired ICs. 

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Hosted: The biggest difference here is branding. If you don't have branding, need/want to piggy back of our brand recognition then you become part of the team as The Travel Mechanic.  

We have a hybrid model where we are a host agency but we are also frontline agents. We are right there with you in the trenches.  

Our model

A Boutique Host Agency

Hosted vs. Affliate

Affiliate: You already have a brand that you love and have existing clients that know you. You want to still operate under that name but want to book under our IATA. You will still be part of our team but you may have your own website/blog. You will be an affliate of The Travel Mechanic

— Nancy Robb

I've worked for The Travel Mechanic for 7 years and it's been an amazing ride! What I really like about the agency is that it's always evolving and growing. It's a flexible work environment where learning is encouraged and new opportunities are there for the taking. It is a concierge boutique type agency where customer service is paramount. This approach really sets it apart from many of it's cookie cutter competitors. But what makes The Travel Mechanic special is it's family oriented mode of operation. Just like a family they're there when you need them, supportive, nurturing but not overbearing! If you like continuous learning, can adapt to change and enjoy working in an easy to do business, flexible environment, this agency is for you!

What other agents are saying:

Hey there! I went from teacher burnout to blissful travel career. But it wasn't always that easy. I had a passion for travel from a very young age. I loved experiencing new places and I knew that I could pair that with my planning skills to help others. 

With the help of my mom to teach me the ropes I was able to start my family and begin to grow my business. I was determined to have a balance and fulfilled life. With years of patience I was able to do it!

Meet Lauren

ex-teacher, momma + cocktail lover

And you can do it too!  

Resources: There are so many out there, but we have selected the best tools for you!


Community: We are in this together every step of the way! 


Training: In addition to our TTM Certified TA Course, we have ongoing modern training on all topics!


Support: We know business and can support your goals.  


Our 4 Pillars

A travel agent is someone who books travel for another person. The travel industry has changed tremendously since 2011 and continues to change based on the growing need of baby boomers, millennials and Gen Z. There are 65,000 full time travel agents in the US and that is expected to grow by 15% by 2022. In this growing industry there is money to be made! There are many ways to book travel. The Online Travel Agencies (OTA) such as expedia, bookit, etc. are consumer facing products meaning the consumer goes on to purchase their own travel without speaking to anyone.

These OTAs use call centers that lack customer service and knowledge. They survive based on volume alone and have strict terms and conditions and fine print that is not in the favor of the consumer. Alternatively, traditional travel agencies that work one on one with their clients have their clients best interest in mind. Our company takes the approach one step further. We know that a perfectly planned stress free travel experience transforms our clients vacation into a time of joy and discovery. We will provide you with a proven process to understand your clients wants and needs so that you can turn their vacation into an unforgettable experience.

The modern Travel Agent

What is a Travel Agent, Anyway?

We put the joy into travel by providing a perfectly planned, stress-free experience, from beginning to end. We plan everything to make those happy moments extra special because we know that your quality time is what matters most in life.

OurMission& Vision

Embrace travel as a way of life. This means being open to new ideas, experiences, and connecting with people around the world. We adopt this mindset when designing itineraries for our clients.

We believe that to curate special experiences for people, we really need to understand their needs and interests — and we have to care that their travel plans work out flawlessly .

We partner with suppliers that take it to the next level because the experiences we plan are the foundation for the memories that our clients, their friends & family create.

Dedication to delivering the best possible experience

Our Core Values


open mindedness


Passion for Authenticity: