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Stay At Home Survival Guide for Travel Lovers

April 1, 2020

Travel Tips


The global pandemic going on right now is scary. We know COVID-19 is changing our lives, our business, our jobs and our society. You may have had to cancel milestone vacations, rearrange destination weddings, rebook honeymoons and postpone family reunions. We hope that you are safe and healthy and that goes for your family and friends as well. For certain, we know we will weather the storm and come out of this better than before. As we have settled into the Stay At Home life, we have some adventures that you can partake in so keep you occupied. 


We know most , if not all of you are spending a lot of time at home these days so we wanted to provide to you with a  fun “Stay at Home” Survival Guide for travel lovers! 

  1. Tour a museum virtually! Your kids may be home on the couch for the unforeseeable future so instead of that same old netflix show why not head over to Florence Italy and visit Uffizi Gallery for a virtual tour? Or you can hit up the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (which is one of our favorites) or even hit up a Disney park virtually!  Check the full list here. #virtualmuseumhop #digitaldisney

You can’t get to NYC any time soon, but bring it you our living room!


2.Had to cancel a NYC or London trip for this spring and missing your Broadway show fix? Well head over here to watch 10 popular broadway shows now streaming during the coronavirus pandemic. #broadwaystreamling



3. Who is doing the netflix and quarantine? Probably just about everyone. We compiled a list from our TTMtribe (our awesome team of travel agents) for their favorite travel related movies.  Under the Tuscan Sun, Catch Me If you Can, The Bucket List, The Beach, 100 Foot Journey, Holiday in the Wild, Couples retreat, Just Married, Eat Pray Love just to name a few. If you want to binge a show here is a list of the best netflix shows relating to travel. #bingewatchtravelshows4. Bring faraway flavors into your kitchen! We have all been doing so much of the cooking thing but why not make a fun night out of it? Think of your favorite dishes from your travels and try to cook it at home! Fresh made pasta to pretend you are in an Italian Villa? Try to conquer french macarons and pretend to stroll the streets of Paris! Or take your wok out and stir fry up some pad thai from Thailand? Try something and share what you make with us! #travelfoodiechallenge This is my favorite and most simple fresh pasta recipe. 

travel gallery wall

Pictures from Pottery barn for some inspiration!

5.Create  a Travel Gallery Wall of your pictures from your personal travels. This is a run one! We can’t be the only one who takes hundreds of pictures on vacation and then gets back home and doesn’t  do anything with them! The digital clutter is such a problem these days but now you have the time to tackle this beast. You can easily organize your photos using google drive ( our app of choice for photo storage) and you can decide to print some or enlarge some photo for a cool gallery wall. This company is running a great sale and we can’t wait to check them out!  If you prefer to have books, chatbooks are a fun way to  mini books of your yearly vacations. 

kindess matters6. Kindness Challenge: Go out and send a helping hand. Our TTM tribe have gathered some ideas. #covid19kindesschallenge

  1. Order groceries to get delivered to your local food bank
  2. Clean out old laptops and donate them to children who don’t have one (for digital learning)
  3. Phone a local nursing home as most are not accepting visitors and strike up a chat which will bring a smile to someone.
  4. Check on your neighbors, does someone need a meal, a grocery run or an extra roll of TP? Do the right thing and let them know you are there!

Tag us in your kindness challenge and we would love to see it and spread the kindness. You can find and tag us on instagram or facebook

Check out the video discussing all of this on IGTV or you tube here.

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