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Budget Hacks for your next Disney Vacation

May 4, 2021



Disney gift cards

Who doesn’t want to learn some budget hacks for your next Disney vacation? I have some EASY tips to help you manage your money like a pro!

As I was ordering gift cards online, I realized that I should do a blog post and share about different ways you can save money for your next Walt Disney Vacation- whether it’s Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruiseline, or Adventures by Disney. 

Who doesn’t want to save money on their next Disney vacation? I have some EASY tips to help you manage your money like a pro!

Here are my 5 hacks for saving for a Disney Vacation: 

Budget Hack #1: Purchase Disney Gift cards- If you have a Target Red Card, you can purchase Disney gift cards throughout the year and save 5%. A BJ’s card offers 4% – however if you use a credit card you also receive your rewards points. BJ’s also runs specials (like the one I just jumped on)- 6% off Disney Gift Cards with a BJ’s membership. I purchased their online membership for $10 and then bought my cards. I also received an extra % on my credit card. 

Kroger (and possibly other grocery stores) offer a % off gas for purchasing gift cards. I have read where many people save upwards of 8-15% this way! Meijer is another retail store that offers money back when purchasing Disney cards. Some of these offers may come and go, but Disney cards do not expire, so be on the lookout year round! 

There are ways to save money at Disney!

Budget Hack #2: Use a Travel Agent- yes, this sounds obvious, but if you are trying to get the best deals, you want someone who is on your side! When this was still a hobby and not a job, I would find ways to book trips for my family that I could only dream of years before. I learned ways to navigate the system to look for the best deals and suddenly we were staying at deluxe resorts for value resort prices! Need a Disney Travel Agent? Contact me here!

Stacie Lowe, Travel Agent

Budget Hack #3: Be flexible with your dates. If you decide you want to go 4-5 nights but are okay with anytime within a 2 week period, I am going to look up every scenario to find you the best rate. Weekend nights are always more expensive, as well room types that are almost sold out. If you can’t be flexible with your days, consider a split stay if there is somewhere you really want to try (Disney takes care of your luggage transfer for you!), plus it’s an awesome way to experience two resorts while on one vacation! Not sure you should go to Disney now? Check out my recent blog post about going to Disney during a Pandemic.

Budget Hack #4: Set yourself up on a payment plan. It doesn’t save money, but it helps you set it aside to make the vacation more attainable. When clients work with me, I tell them to feel free to make a payment at any time, and I will make sure it is applied.

Be flexible with your dates

Budget Hack #5: Be Smart about Toy purchases! Kids LOVE toys at Disney. I have so many suggestions for how to save money and maneuver every ride gift shop. Bring toys already purchased at home and wrapped for them to open once you get back to the room at night. It’s great to remind them in the moment that they already have a surprise toy waiting in the room! For older children, you can give them a gift card and they can use it until it runs out! A favorite I like to suggest for clients that drive, is that there is a massive Target near Disney World (there’s a few, so be sure you have the right address!). This store is always stocked with toys, ears, picture frames, apparel, etc. If you have the time, and need to run in for a few things that may have been left at home- you can grab these things and have them for the week! They are also at Target prices, not Disney prices!

Pre-purchase disney themed toys from Target!

What did you think of my budget hacks for your next Disney vacation? There are plenty more where those came from- covering restaurants, rides, transportation, festivals, fast passes, traveling with babies, “resort days”, and more! Follow me on instagram or on facebook where I share MANY more tips!

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Ready to contact me for a trip? Click here!

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