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Top 5 travel tips I learned from Anthony Bourdain

November 3, 2015

Travel Tips


Maybe you love him maybe you don’t, but you have to respect his obsession with good food and travel. I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a recent travel conference I attended and picked up some great tips.


Anthony started out as a cook in NYC restaurants and struggled to find his way as many people do. But he had a lucky break when an article he wrote was published in the New Yorker and then the ripple effect started quickly. Within 48 hours, he was on a plane flying the world. He doesn’t travel like the normal person. He has a camera crew following him, first class flights and five star accommodations all the way. He travels constantly, so I think gathering his travel tips are of interest.


1.Be Grateful. Since Anthony didn’t start his life of travel until he was 45, he is so grateful for each trip and each destination he goes to. If you have the privilege to plan a trip and travel, be grateful for being allowed to take that experience that you will remember. It is easy to get caught up in the details, but in the end, many people don’t get this privilege. It is also a great lesson to teach your kids and that is another reason why family travel is so important.group_hike

2. Be Polite. Anthony has a reputation to keep up when traveling, but when things do go wrong or your hotel wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, it is easy to get mad. But you really need to look at the big picture, take a deep breath and be polite. When visiting other countries, whether it is the Uber driver in the Bahamas or the tuk-tuk peddler in Thailand, be nice and be polite. It goes a long way and makes everyone’s experience better.

3. Every plate you eat tells a story. So we know that every plate Anthony eats abroad does tell a story, because that is what his show is about. But if you can image the stories behind the specialty plates you eat in different count
ries, it can be humbling. This is why it is important to find where the locals eat. Bypass the Starbucks in Hong Kong and go for the good stuff. As Anthony says, hit up the street food. Of course make your own judgments but try to eat local food in the country you are visiting because you will learn a lot about that culture. It also helps to book with us so we can give you that list of restaurants that are not tourist traps and are visited by the locals.Red Mountain’s Eat Well, Feel Well philosophy is based on fresh unprocessed ingredients. We never left the table hungry! All meals are included and offer an array of choices from soups to scrumptious desserts!

4. Make an effort with the local customs. When you are in another country, make an effort to learn as much as possible about the new culture you are immersed in. Try to plan and pick experiences that are unique to the place you are visiting and ask questions. The goal is not to simply cross places off your bucket list, but to return from that country a little wiser than when you first arrived.




5. Don’t Overplan. This can be a hard one for those people who just love to plan down to every meal. But the whole part of traveling, and sometimes the most memorable part, are experiences that you just don’t plan for.

As Anthony puts it, “Let things go gloriously wrong”. The sudden rainstorm that you get caught in might lead you to the best meal of your life.

If you are ready to plan your next trip Anthony Bourdain style… contact us!


  1. Bonnie Eisenberg says:

    This is great advice! I will keep it in mind for future travels, planned with the Travel Mechanic, of course!

  2. Bonnie Eisenberg says:

    This is great advice! I will keep it in mind for future travels.

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