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Best Caribbean Destination Wedding Packages Under $20,000

June 11, 2024

Destination Weddings


As destination wedding planners, we constantly hear the same sentiment from our couples: they thought that having a destination wedding was out of their budget and are shocked at how affordable it is! While it’s absolutely possible to plan a destination wedding for more than a traditional American wedding (luxury weddings on Lake Como are no joke) there are tons of resorts that offer gorgeous destination weddings for affordable prices. If you’re looking for affordable, all-inclusive Caribbean destination wedding packages for under $20,000 in the Caribbean, these are our favorite resorts we’d highly recommend! 

couple walking along tropical beach with arms around each other

Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hard Rock Resorts offers several wedding packages with different aesthetics for you to choose from. Each base package price includes the basic necessities for 32 people, and additional guests can be added on for a fee. Additional vendors such as a DJ, Photographer, and Videographer can also be booked through the resort. And there are plenty of options for a la carte add-ons such as dance floors, bistro lights, and more! 

  1. Classic ($500+): Simple, minimalist style 
  2. Free Spirit ($3500+):  Bohemian style with warm tones
  3. Tropical Paradise ($4000+): Tropical chic with lots of greenery
  4. Modern Enchantment ($4,500+): Romantic and whimsical
  5. Lavish Daydreams ($5,000+): Chic white and gold style

Another reason we love Hard Rock Resorts is because they offer some of the best group benefit programs out there! Couples receive free events based on how many room nights your guests book, which are especially great for hosting your welcome party and wedding reception. Plus, we ensure that you’ll get as many complimentary room nights as possible and that they’re applied as a cash refund after your wedding. At Hard Rock, you can receive 1 free room night for every 10 room nights booked. And they add up fast!

Any of the Hard Rock wedding packages can be the base of an absolutely gorgeous wedding day under $20,000, depending on your guest count and add-ons. To help you get an idea of what the all-in cost will look like, we’ve priced out some wedding ideas. 

  1. Classic package for 50 people plus complimentary reception. Includes ceremony and reception space, chairs, tables, linens, tableware, altar, flowers, food, and bar. Basic DJ package. Guests stay for 3 nights for a refund of $2,000. Your total would come to around $10,200. 
  2. Tropical Paradise package for 60 people plus complimentary reception. Includes ceremony and reception space, chairs, tables, linens, tableware, altar, flowers, food, and bar. Hire a DJ, Photographer, and Videographer. Add on the light-up dance floor, bistro lights, and cold fireworks. Guests stay for 3 nights for a refund of roughly $5,000. Your total would come to around $21,000.
Couple exchanging vows under pergola with ocean and palm trees in the background at unico riviera maya

UNICO Riviera Maya, Mexico

Similarly to Hard Rock, UNICO Riviera Maya resorts offer a variety of base packages for 32 people that can then be customized with additional guests, vendors, and add-ons. However, while each package at Hard Rock is paired with a corresponding decor style, at UNICO, the base packages include different services and offer a variety of decor styles to choose from. 

  1. The Riviera Maya Experience ($6,200+). Includes ceremony space and chairs, minister, and audio system, plus a cake and sparkling wine toast. 2 decor options. 
  2. The One of a Kind Experience ($8,100+). Includes everything from Riviera Maya plus in-room dining, hair and makeup, concierge during the getting ready process, 32 coconuts (can be branded), and a musician for the ceremony. 3 decor options. 
  3. The 2087 Experience ($8,900+): Includes everything above and a room upgrade. 4 decor options. 

UNICO resorts also offer complimentary receptions and welcome events based on the number of room nights booked, as well as complimentary room nights that can be refunded in cash. 

oceanfront wedding chapel at sandals resort

Sandals Resorts, International

Another resort brand we highly recommend for destination weddings is Sandals Resorts. These resorts are some of the longest-standing all-inclusive and for a good reason! They are popular for their great service and fun experiences, and we love their Caribbean destination wedding packages. 

  1. Bliss Package ($3,800+). This package includes everything you need for up to 50 guests, including a 1-hour welcome reception the night before, a wedding ceremony with chairs, audio, and flowers, 20 digital photos, cocktail hour, and a two-hour reception including all furniture, cake, food, and bar. 
  2. Epic Package ($7,600+). The epic package includes up to 70 people and everything from the Bliss package, plus a 2-hour rehearsal dinner,  wedding DJ, and $500 credit to each of your photography and videography packages.

All of the Sandals packages also include free room nights that can be applied as a credit towards your wedding. And they also offer honeymoon perks and even free nights for your anniversary! We also love that they provide a deeply discounted rate to visit as a “test drive” before your wedding, which we find so helpful for our couples. 

The main negative about Sandals Resorts is that room deposits are expensive. As we mentioned, Sandals resorts are incredibly popular and even sell out. However, they offer such great service for guests of all ages, that we believe that this is worth the cost.

Caribbean Destination Wedding Packages with The Travel Mechanic

Here at the Travel Mechanic, we specialize in helping couples get the most out of their all-inclusive resort destination wedding. Whether your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, we’ll make sure that you’re getting every penny’s worth. If you’re planning a destination wedding and want to ensure you’re getting the best deals, contact us to set up a call!

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