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March 4, 2019



Planning your Honeymoon

How to get started in three EASY steps

If you are like me, one of the first things that popped into your head when he popped the question was “where are we going to go on our honeymoon?” There are so many places to visit, but finding the right one can be a challenge for a number of reasons: it takes a lot of time, organization, and research during a time in which you likely have a long, never-ending list of wedding to-dos.  As a honeymoon travel agent, I am going to give you some tips in three easy steps how to start planning your luxury honeymoon

Honeymoon tralee agent


Step One: Look at your calendar!

This may seem obvious, but once you have your wedding date, the next step is to decide if you want to go on your honeymoon immediately following your wedding, or if you prefer to take your first post-wedding excursion a few weeks or even months later. You will want to consider season, work schedules, holidays, and destination. Think about when the best time is for you both to fully disconnect and embark, not just on any vacation, but the vacation!


honeymoon travel planning agent

Some of my clients have weighed in on what they considered when choosing the best time to take their honeymoons:


Pros to waiting to take your honeymoon:

“We need to use some of the money from our wedding for our honeymoon.”

“We want to use a honeymoon registry and by setting that up, I will have some time to pay off the honeymoon from the gifts we receive from the registry.”

“For my work schedule, it is best to wait.”


Pros to going on your honeymoon right away:

“Wedding planning was intense and at stressful time, so disconnecting right after the wedding is what I needed.”

“I want to be whisked away the day after our big bash since I am on cloud 9!”



lauren Doyle, honeymoon expert

As soon as you get on your honeymoon… relaxation is key


Step Two: Destination

Think about what you want your destination to look like; it should reflect both of your personalities. Are you sun-kissed, drinking a glass of rose while being pampered at the spa, or are you on an adventurous voyage across the mountains in a far away country? Additionally, you will want to consider how your proposed honeymoon dates impact your destination choice (and vice versa). Consider the seasons and accompanying weather (avoid hurricane season!); consider the activities of your destination. This is where a honeymoon travel agent is invaluable. The best luxury travel agency can inspire you with customized plans for your honeymoon and provide you with advice based on your preferences. Unless you’ve traveled a lot or you’re willing to burn the midnight oil on Google, a travel agent can help you find the best times to travel based on your destination, or the best destination for your time of travel.



Step Three: Use a luxury honeymoon agent!

Travel agents can help you navigate the early stages of honeymoon planning to ensure the honeymoon planning is stress-free and fun. Travel agents can give you advice on when to travel, where to travel, and how to pepper in as much extravagance as you desire. Our luxury travel agency, one of the best agencies in the Carolinas, offers personalized guidance and completely customizable itineraries to make your honeymoon unforgettable. So research, ask for referrals, and do a quick search on wedding wire or the knot to find the best travel agency near you.

Luxury travel agent helps with honeymoon planning

Lauren Doyle, Luxury travel specialist hard at work planning honeymoons

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